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Welcome to the Edom Water Supply Corporation Community. 

Listed below are the types of services 

Rental Accounts

Property Owners will need to complete the Alternate Billing Agreement form to place the billing account into renter(s) name. Click here for Alternate Billing Agreement form also located below.

Standard Service

Standard Service is defined as service on a specific property designated to receive service on an existing pipeline where pipeline or service facility extensions are not required and special design and/or engineering considerations are not necessary.  Typically, this would include 5/8” X 3/4” sized water meter services set on existing pipelines, pressure collection facilities installed or connected to collection lines no more than five feet in depth.

 Activation of Standard Service:

 New/Re-Service – On property where service previously existed, the Corporation shall charge the Membership Fee (where the previous Membership Fee has been liquidated or refunded) of $100.00, Administration Fee for $50.00, reconnection costs for $25.00 (IF REQUIRED), any debt owed to the Corporation (ONLY if the applicant is the person that previously incurred those charges), and other applicable costs necessary to restore service. 

Reset Service Meter - On property where a service tap has been created but the service meter has been pulled, the Corporation shall charge a reset fee of $600.00 to reinstall the service meter. Additionally, the Corporation shall charge a Membership Fee of $100.00 and Administration Fee for $50.00. This again, only applies to properties where a service tap is established but the service meter has been pulled. 

New Tap – On a property where service has never existed. The Corporation shall charge a non-refundable service installation fee (impact fee) as required under Section G. of the Edom WSC tariff. The service installation fee (impact fee)  is provided in the New Meter Set form for Applicant.  Any debt owed to the Corporation and all fees shall be paid or a deferred payment contract signed in advance of installation.(16 TAC 24.86 (a) (1) (A)). Please see below, New Water Meter Set Fees**, for a breakdown of cost. **Total cost does not reflect any road boring, etc., that may be necessary. FEES associated on Non-Standard Service sets may vary, each case will be individually assessed and fees determined upon completion of Non-Standard Service Application. 

Inspection of Customer Service Facilities – The property of the Applicant/Member shall be inspected to ensure compliance with state required Minimum Acceptable Operating Practices for Public Drinking Water Systems as promulgated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or successor agency.  The customer must, at his or her expense, properly install, inspect, test, maintain and provide all required documentation of any approved backflow prevention device required by the Corporation. (30 TAC 290.46(j); Section I. Service Application and Agreement)  

Non-Standard Service

Non-Standard Service is defined as any service request which requires a larger meter service, service to a Master Metered Account, an additional meter or an addition to the supply, storage and/or distribution/collection system. Non-Standard Service applies to subdivisions, additions to subdivisions, developments, or whenever additional service facilities are required for a single tract of property.  The service requirements as prescribed by Section F. of the Edom WSC Tariff shall be required of the Non-Standard Service Applicant prior to providing service. Non-Standard Service applications and any fees associated are individually assessed by the Corporation's engineer. 

Click HERE for a Non-Standard Service Application


Applying for Service:

**All service forms are available HERE**

Standard Service:

Service Application & Agreement and Right-of-Way Utility Easement must be completed and returned to the office along with Membership Deposit of $100.00 and Administrative Fee $50.00. If the service meter is locked an additional $25.00 will be due to reestablish service.

Also included are Edom WSC's Welcome Letter and Edom WSC's Rates for your information.

Non-Standard Service:

Non-Standard Service Application - CLICK HERE